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Soooooo, here I am to write a review with my experience connecting to the lovely Candace Charee for a reading into my energy/coaching guide which the reading I aimed for more in general to go with flow, and she felt the need to grab tuning forks which is usually for healing sessions but act as a tool to take you through the timeline of your biofield (Correct me if I’m wrong on the description or not clear enough) which is perfect since the tunes took her through the field picking up on my lack of self-love, self-confidence, triggers, darkness and etc which lead her to the present where everything lightened up.

Talk about full circle too because just the past two days I was introducing others who were open to Neville Goddard’s advice, and certain terms I would typically use were now being repeated even one I use where I say, “I’ll be your cheerleader!” I’m pretty sure she said, “I got your back.” which was told to me two days ago from a friend of mine named Vanessa and here’s Candace repeating it to me as well, so as I said it’s definitely full circle with a reminder how everyone is us pushed out especially when you’re keeping your intentions and vibes at a certain level plus the reminders are there in our reflections, so to hear all this was magically delicious.

She has plenty of wisdom to give as well along with examples on how she utilizes it then of course brings in scenarios she’s dealt with in her life to further give you clarity. It was definitely lovely to connect, and getting the reminder I needed that I’m on the right path too as well as my own advice I give is reflected back at me which as I said earlier gives me even more confidence.

So, that’s my experience. A fun loving caring conversation.

~Robert F.

Candace provides real-life, applicable feedback and support for your journey, whatever the goal is.  She is genuinely caring and sweet, but communicates with that 'best friend' honesty.  


Her gifted ability to connect to people's energy and higher self allows additional information to help you along your inner healing on the 'manifest a specific person'. Helpful for mirroring any 'blind spots' between you and a specific person.


Candace has CHANGED MY LIFE! I have been working with her for a few weeks and she has really helped transform everything I was dealing with. I don't even know where to begin...I have manifested back the man I had been trying to be with for the past year! She taught me how to love myself again and make ME the priority! She taught me simple tricks to get him to do certain things and reflect my own self love. Its really amazing what loving yourself can do for your life! It sounds so simple and easy, but it does take work and its worth it! I am living proof. I can't recommend her services enough! Please do yourself a favor and book a session! 

~Jen W.  

I just had a session with Candace and I was in tears most of the time! She TRULY got me! It was as if she was inside my soul speaking to me. It was almost freaky how well she was able to read my higher self and know what I was feeling. I loved it so much and feel a million times better than before we spoke today. I am so thankful for her gentle nature yet truthful and bold approach. She wants the best for her clients and it shows! She isn't doing this to just make money, it really feels like her calling and passion in life. I am so thankful I found her site and booked! Thanks again, Candace! I will be booking again.

~Veronica L. 

A friend of mine referred me to Candace's site and I was nervous about booking a session. I have never worked with a "coach" before and have always wanted to. Money is tight and I was worried I wouldn't feel like it was worth it. Boy was I wrong! I came to her for help with my body image and self esteem. i have struggled with this my whole life and I wanted someone who specialized in healing people from shame and body image issues. She was the perfect coach for me! She could relate on so many levels and told me exactly what I need to do to slim my body and change some image things. I have been doing this now for a week and I have TOTALLY slimmed my body and other areas are changing! I can barely believe it and neither can my friends. i am referring everyone I know to her now! Best decision ever. Don't question it! Just do it. 

~Staci B.

Hi Everyone, I wanted to let you all know that I had a session with her the other day. Not only was she accommodating to my time and need for an immediate call, but once I was done I felt so much better. She was soft, kind and to the point. She hammered a lot home for me and gave me perspective from a different light. Engraining in my head that my outcome is done but just on the other side of my own work. I felt so much peace when I the call was completed. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

~DeAnna R. 

Hi Everyone! I just wanted to pop on here and share my experience with coaching with Candace Charee. First of all, WOW! I love her beautiful, kind, supportive energy. I felt that she was very open and nonjudgmental about my goals and was able to help me come up with a plan for healing. Healing past trauma is something that I always felt I wanted and needed to do, but was not sure where to start. I had felt overwhelmed previously with shadow work, but Candace was able to provide support for me and helped me brainstorm some effective, yet manageable, strategies for me to address the past and start healing from it in a way that would help me actually reflect said changes into my reality :) Thank you, I cannot wait for our next session xo

~Juhee G. 

I had a session yesterday with Candace Charee and I was able to find great comfort. In her reading she was able to deliver a message to me that I needed to hear, and offer me some to do's to get moving forward. The heart talks in the mirror and even in the car, the shower where ever I need it have been really helpful and I feel more calmness.

I was able to list all of my manifestations and well shit I am a ninja. I have more undesirable but I see it and how I am creating it. Now to keep on the work she gave me so I can move to the next step.

Thank you for your kindness, patience and guidance I look forward to working with you again 

~Kaleah A. 

I just wanted to say mirror work really works! I booked a session with Candace on Thursday and she walked me thru the steps on how to do mirror work and I kid you not, but today my manifesting came true! I needed money for a project I’m working on and had to pay tomorrow and today I received a check for that exact amount! My mind is blown! If you haven’t booked with Candace Charee already, well you need too! I’m a believer! Thank you for teaching this!

~Emily S.

I've been working with Candace since mid-March on manifesting a job and a specific person. Focusing on both have helped me remember that everything starts with me!


Juggling two manifestations taught me to prioritize myself. My inner peace, especially. I created daily rituals for structure and allowed myself to be with any discomfort. Remember that you are constantly creating with your mental diet and assumptions. 


I focused on embodying the feeling of confidence and gratitude. It helped to start my day with a gratitude list or meditation, instead of social media or checking the news/emails. When any anxious thoughts arose or the 3D triggered me, I would verbally state "Thank you Father within, Thank you Universe without" repeatedly.  Because I knew it was unfolding behind the Universe's curtain. 


Techniques that helped me were mirror work, revising, acting as if (fake phone calls), making lists of adjectives that describe how I feel having the desire, meditating. Only after grounding myself, though. Otherwise, techniques felt like pushing a boulder up a mountain. 


I received two job offers, but only accepted the second one. My assumptions were: "I am the chosen applicant" and that "circumstances are always perfect for my desires." I interrupted doubt with these assumptions. 


I suggest prioritizing peace of mind. Choose how you expend your energy and awareness. Because they create. I noticed that if I ate healthy and moved the energy (walks, etc.), I was in a better place to embody the feeling the desire was already mine. The self-love and confidence unfolds once you have compassion for yourself along the way and remember that only YOU create. Let yourself have fun and be distracted by hobbies. 


Remember that you create your reality. That the 3D is a shadow of past beliefs/assumptions. That everyone is you pushed out + any additional assumptions you hold down on them.  Remember who you are (the only creator) and claim your desires! Create assumptions from a place of knowing/feeling it as true in your body. 


Thank you so much for our session the other night. It’s taken me a few days to write this because I have been sitting with the feelings it brought up and processing within myself. I was very comfortable speaking with you immediately and felt like we talked as friends before going into the guided part. I’m not gonna lie - it was a little difficult to bring up old scenarios and bring up long-suppressed emotions them - but it was beneficial to face them. For some reason I was not embarrassed to be vulnerable with you... I ugly cried and shared things about my past that were not pretty.


I felt no judgment or embarrassment, but like you sincerely wanted to help. There are other coaches out there who I feel have made a business for themselves (which is fine) but it’s taken away their sincerity and you get the feeling they just want to sell more sessions and they seem “checked out”. There is one in particular that got really popular on a FB group they started and then started coaching....completely stopped communicating in his group or answering any questions....until someone mentioned coaching with someone else and I saw him respond “who is that?” ...then silence. Turned me off to him completely.


My point is....charging for one on one coaching is’s therapy and a service - but when I pay money for a service it’s nice to feel like I’m not just another stranger with another story and you are regurgitating the same old lines in order to satisfy your agenda - vs sincerely being in the moment with your client. You made this client feel like a friend...thank you. ❤️

~ Robyn H. 

Hi everyone, hope you are all having a beautiful day!
I just wanted to hop on here to quickly say that I am really grateful for this group - it truly is helping me in ways I couldn’t have thought.


Originally I came here thinking it would only show me how to manifest a few random things into my life, and although I’m yet to see anything specific that I originally wanted, this group has truly helped me begin to become and grow into a better version of myself. I feel more confident, happy and worthy.

I am working on becoming the best version of me, and when I am fully happy and ready I know that I will receive everything I desire.

So thank you everyone, and I hope you are all feeling great.  I’ve been listening to your hypnosis audio every night and it’s truly amazing! Very helpful 

~Macenzie F.

I have been listening to Candace Hypnosis Audio, and i can't thank myself enough for buying it☺️ It has made wonders. It's been a week and I am always in alignment, throughout the day whatever happens, it returns to my dominant feeling that's my desired reality. Seems like it has rooted in my Sub-con. Before i needed to do SATS often to feel this dominant, but this has done my work easier. I don't know how i fall so deep and when i get back, it feels i was 100 years back!!! lol. It has benefited me alot. I grabbed the deal of $29 Only 🤩


~Zeba S.

Y’all I just did the 30-minute recreate someone was SO WORTH IT. I literally feel DIFFERENT now. It’s a beautiful meditation and I feel like I touched something in my mind I’ve NEVER touched. 10/10 RECOMMEND.
~Kiyah M.

I just had an energy reading with Candace Charee. Exactly what I needed. So relaxed and so grateful. 

~Lori P.

I just wanted to share, that manifesting works! Focusing and putting into motion really speeds it up! Candace Charee speaks the truth, I have been following her videos and all and began practicing last few months. In May 16/17 2020 I got approved to film a short film in NC. We all got tested and practiced safety protocols. We finished post 2 weeks after we finished filming and have been accepted into 7 festivals so far and have won over 8 awards, winning every festival! I then began to manifest making my short film into my first feature film. After I wrote the feature film the same investors who gave me money for post production were so blown away with the short film, How I did it with nothing that they gave me exactly what I was asking for, giving me 100k to finally have my directorial feature film debut! I’m beyond grateful and wanted to share that this method really works! I’m in awe and have been crying happy tears all morning!
~Emily S.

Hey all! I'm newish in here (never posted before). but, felt the need to really give credit to some seriously helpful work Candace has pushed out for us! I just purchased the guided affirmations to listen to in the hopes of it calming my nerves some and reprogramming my subconscious... cause, I've been feeling a bit spiraly as of late. This was INCREDIBLE! It's helped me so much! I wound up listening to it before bed last night and I woke up feeling refreshed and lighter. It was definitely worth it and I plan on listening to it many more times over! I've been trying to manifest my SP for a while now... and have been struggling quite a bit... I'm hoping this will help keep me motivated and on the right path to my success! Thank you, Candace!
~Jennifer O.

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all having the most perfect, loveliest day ever <3 I wanted to write up a quick review for the Energy Reading Service on

What is an Energy Reading?
Candace has the wonderful skill of being able to "tap" into your subconscious mind and see what state you are currently projecting out and what versions of people you are currently projecting into your physical reality.
Honestly, I used to be very skeptical of this but I tried it and wow it is so freakishly accurate for both myself and the versions I was projecting out of other people. I was so amazed by it!

When is an Energy Reading useful?
An Energy Reading is particularly useful at several stages in your journey. 1. When you are first starting out, you can book a session to see what areas of your self-concept need to be strengthened. For instance, in the past, I received indication to trust myself more, so I focused on reprogramming/revising my self-concept around improving self-trust and my manifestations came to pass a lot more smoothly. 2. When you are doing a lot of revision and reprogramming work, it can be helpful to book this service at least once a week or so to help you gauge your progress.

When is an Energy Reading a waste of your time?
If you have already done an energy reading session and have not done any revision or reprogramming work, please do yourself a favor and book a reprogramming session NOT an Energy Reading. The reading will not change if you do not change your state. Harsh, but true. It is YOUR responsibility to do the inner work <3

Overall, I have found energy readings to be a wonderful investment for me especially because I have been doing a lot of revision work on myself. If you are doing the revisions properly, you will see changes in your physical reality/changes in your state immediately and these changes are always accurately reflected in the readings as well. Candace Charee is so wonderful and will give you feedback with the readings and direct you where to put your focus on next. I am forever grateful for this service!!

~Juhee G.

Hi everyone! There are so many wonderful services that Candace Charee offers on her website, so I will be posting a few of my own personal reviews and stories about her sessions here so that you all have more info when deciding which session is best for you!!
Recently, I did an energy/water healing, which was absolutely AMAZING. I have never had anything like this in my life, and I felt that I removed so much "trapped" energy from my body. I had been feeling a wall up around intimacy, and I was having a little bit of a struggle working through it as I could not identify a specific memory or experience to explain this. The healing was so transformative for me. I knew instantly when Candace was present within my energetic body, and I could feel her extract energy around my heart area. I felt a sense of relief. It has been way easier for me to think thoughts about enjoying intimacy and being able to trust others... INSTANTLY and completely effortlessly. She is a true healer! The lovely Candace was able to remotely view my energetic body and identified black energy that was surrounding my heart. She completely removed it and I feel so much lighter and happier. I feel so much more willing to be intimate and feel connected with others as well :) it's a dream come true!
I am always happy to take any questions in the comments about my experience or if you need help identifying what service might be beneficial for you :) 


Hi Gods and Goddesses,

Just wanted to give a big shout out to Candace Charee!
I’ve had a reprogramming session with her on Tuesday and oooo my was amazing.
I’ve revised a lot since then and I’ve got amazing results so far. And I know it’s a bit of a cliffhanger but I’m gonna write the whole succes story later. I’m now manifesting a lot of my desires and want to give you a total update and background story;)

~Marleen M.

Candace is so pleasant to work with and effectively skillful in what she does! When I read about her healing childhood trauma with reprogramming I wanted to hear more. She offered a free call to explain the process. I never done anything like this, but I decided to try it. Soon after my first session I felt like a big weight was taken off of my shoulders! I feel better about my self and have much more energy. It feels like I can stop draining energy feeling pulled down by my inner hurt, because it has been dramatically healed. ❤️
I’m so glad I did this, and it was way worth the money! I Highly recommend Candace! Thank you ❤️

A. C.

Okay, I just want to say. Candace's NCR sessions are amazing. I feel a deep sense of relief and calm that I have not felt in a long time. She really knows how to reprogram memories completely effortlessly in a way that fully benefits you. I am honestly speechless after this last session that I had with her... omg...
Mandy S.

Candace!! Your teachings are so on spot, after a month of consistently reprogramming my subconscious mind with your method and doing the mirror work I got the call for the dream job I told you about in our session, I am so happy and so grateful that I found you!! Everything happens for a reason and I hope to keep working with you 🙏

I came to Candace feeling lost and worthless, struggling to manifest my dream life. I wasn’t sure what exactly was going to happen in our session but I just knew I was being strongly guided to work with her. As soon as we got on the phone I started telling her things I didn’t even realize were bothering me, things from a LONG LONG time ago.
It was like my inner child had been waiting for her for years and could finally spill her guts about all the stuff that made her feel alone. Candace listened to me and asked me to share tender vulnerable things about myself and usually this would have me run for the hills but her energy is truly effortless to engage with so I opened up. She filled me up with practical & powerful tools to help me heal myself.
She sends you on a journey into yourself and makes it truly effortless. I came out of my first session feeling empowered, softer and happy. What more can you want in life?! I have only just begun her techniques but I already feel more powerful and magical than ever. If you are ready to have the magic wand for healing and/or manifesting, hire Candace. Thank you!! 🖤

I just want to say ever since finding Candace Charee I have found peace. I have yet to do a session, it’s coming, but I do have her meditation. I love it. While 99% of the time I fall asleep before it’s over it’s still very calming and I can tell it’s working. I manifested all kinds of things but the knowledge of self concept and how to work on that has been a challenge. Since coming across this group and listening to her lives it has helped in soooo many ways. I have read all of the Neville books, and started Joseph Murphy at one point. I picked it up again the other day and all of a sudden between him and Candace something has just clicked. I started listening to her meditation the same night I started reading his book again. I am understanding how the mind works a little more and it helps w understanding manifesting more. I feel as if I’m on my way to better things bc I feel it and see it differently. She really breaks it down for you in a way no other coach does. Thank you so much for all your time and work to help us!!

Hi group. I hope everybody’s doing well and having a great Monday wherever you are. so I had an incredible coaching call with Candace Charee yesterday and what she did for me speaks volumes. I 1000% highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly recommend. Please book a session with her and I will admit that I did get emotional in it because you know were taught to release your emotions and not suppress them. so I can’t wait to book another session with her and I want to thank Lauren so very much for recommending Candace to me because I needed a different type of coach and let’s face it we all need help; we aren’t perfect!!! so thank you to her thank you to Candace and I’m really excited to manifest!

You guys, let me tell you that Candace Charee’s meditation is something that you should absolutely invest in. I bought her original one last night and just finished listening to it. Let me tell you, it’s very difficult for me to actually sit and meditate and get into a state of zen, but this one was almost effortless. I feel so much better and finally entered my own subconscious and imagination to where I could finally reach out to my higher self and higher beings that are guiding me on my path. It truly removes the block and let’s you dig into yourself and release and manifest. You absolutely must get this, I can’t recommend it enough. It just changed my life and I’ll be listening to it daily.


Blissed out after another powerful session with Candace! 🤩

She gently helped me shift into my natural state of Joy. I could go on and on about what its like to work with her but really you deserve to see and feel that for yourself.

If you’ve been needing confirmation that it would benefit you to let her remind you who you are...this is your SIGN!

I hope you invest in your precious self and embody the life you desire to create!!!

Candace LOVES to manifest for you!


This morning I tried Candace’s guided meditation (which was very good!!)❤️. I visualized the perfect life with my SP, and it was so calming. I vizualised everything, in details like I do every time. Also, I met up with my higher self who brought my desires into my life. After I finished my meditation, I looked at the clock on my phone, and it said «11:11»!!! I immediately looked out the window, and there were two butterflies right outside (I have seen alot of butterflies everywhere I go, since I started manifesting). I said to my self «I am blissfully married» and «I am the creator of my own universe, I am the universe». I also said thank you to the universe😍 I take these things as a sign, amongst multiple other signs I’ve got! I feel it coming!!🦋🌎


So I've been trying to create find the words to write this post all day today.First I want to say thank you so much to Candace because I can honestly say that after discovering her on TikTok,joining this group,and watching her videos my manifestations have continued to become better and more successful.I also have a better understanding of manifestations.In the past few days I watched Candace's video about not attaching or associating your emotions with a story.I also enjoyed her video on how she explained manifestation through the Law of "Assumption" vs Law of "Attraction".

Over the past week I have implemented these teachings into my life and am whole-heartedly belive that I have stepped back into my power as the creator of reality.Just last night I used the Law of Assumption with regards to my SP.I intended,assumed,and affirmed that my SP was now the version of himself that I preferred.Last night I affirmed all the preferred qualities I intended to recreate in my SP and allowed myself to just trust that by the time I saw my SP this morning I would witness signs of the ideal/improved version of my SP in my reality


One of my intentions was that my SP priortizes,and is nurturing of my needs.I intended that my SP loves me so much and values our relationship that he is considerate of my needs.And let me tell you I began to see some positive changes in my SP already...LITERALLY OVERNIGHT! 😱 My SP sent me a long,loving text after I left...telling me how he wants to make sure that I stay safe wherever I go and he told me to be careful with who I am and where I go.I could really feel my SP's loving concern for me and how protective he was being in a loving way.In my mind I was so grateful and I spoke allowed saying "Thank you Universe! This is it! I am so excited that the ideal.version of my SP is showing up for me now!My SP is reflecting the qualities I prefer/intended for him to show me!"

And the key to how I manifested this is


#1)I persisted in the belief that I am the operant power of my reality therefore I can create ANYTHING!
#2)I utilized the Law of "Assumption" vs Law of "Attraction" and persisting in the assumption that my SP now shows me the preferred/positive traits I intend for him to express to me
#3)When I felt negative emotions I simply allowed myself to feel those emotions for a few minutes WITHOUT attaching a story/scenario to them
#4)I affirmed that everything is working out in my favor NOW,better than I can imagine and that everything I am experiencing now is all a part of my inevitable success story

I truly hope that by me sharing this story I can inspire and encourage at least one person 😁.Listen to Candace guys...dont doubt or diminish your power! YOU GOT THIS! I am so excited and grateful to be experiencing CONTINOUS SUCCESS/PROGRESS with my SP and I know it only gets better from here 🤗😁🥳!


I had a reprogramming session with Candace today and just wow! She knew immediately what/how to reprogram a certain event that has caused me a lot of pretty constant anxiety for years. The way that she did it was so creative and beautiful and honestly brought tears (both happy and sad) to my eyes at several points during the meditation. All evening I’ve felt far more peaceful than I have in months. The usual sadness and anxiety that arises when I think of my SP is almost non existent. The session was absolutely perfect and so worth it. I’ll definitely be booking again in the future. Thank you so much Candace!!


So yesterday i had a session with Candace. I absolutely loved her approach. This never felt so awesome. I was in SATS and she created a new storyline for me and embedded this in my subconscious. And it feels it was like that all along. She truly has the power to change anyone's story and shift them instantly.

I was practicing Neville and being in a godstate but i used to have my human moments and was somewhere still believing the old story. After this session i feel so Amazing!! There is a difference guys, when u are not able to do it yourself. It's life changing. And now I am always living from my new state. Thank you so much Candace for ur true care, and patience ♥️🙏

It's awakening!!!! i truly can't appreciate u enough in words♥️🙏

And I would like to suggest this to anyone need help with shifting them to new story. Highly recommended, Candace's reprogramming session ♥️♥️♥️♥️


Last night I slept better than I have since I can remember. Once again, thank God for


. Never in a million years would I have expected that maybe what I experienced the other day was an awakening? ME??!!! And yet our session yesterday was one for the record books in terms of letting it all out - and then some more - followed by an intensely soothing reprogramming. Does the healing ever really end? Perhaps it’s not supposed to entirely in this “human experience.”

Although I can’t quite put my finger on it, it really does feel like I’ve shifted some how... I’m not one to ever get my hopes overly “up” about anything but whereas before I was so upset @ having to focus on myself yet again for like, the millionth time & I was being such a baby about it - suddenly now he feels like more of an old, distant friend which totally takes that internal pressure off. It’s such a relief & I want to stay in this mode & never look back. PLEASE If that means the return of familiar, past dreams, then so be it for even those are more comforting in nature than before.

Around my core I wear an iron shield that protects my heart which is fully and completely healed. My armor is impervious to all triggers, for I AM Goddess reborn.


I have had a totally life-changing experience in the past couple of weeks. It started by me having an energy reading session which was magnificent! I would definitely recommend this! I then bought the Love course which solidified everything that I have been learning. Since then , my Sp literally has not left my side. He has proclaimed his love for me and sleeps in the bed next to me every night. Every time he states that he’s going to do something that part of our old story I literally just go and do mirror work or I would do the recreation someone meditation and within hours, that story has changed. I definitely recommend the love course or anything on the website. We have the power to create our reality. Thank you Candace. !!’ I am forever grateful!!

~Irene B.

Omg. I was screaming listening to your manifesting money video from Friday. I didn't get a chance to listen to it until this morning because I was traveling. But let me tell you it was exactly what I needed because I was struggling on how to get rid of my old money beliefs but I couldn't figure out how. I've always been around people that are wealthy but I couldn't figure out why I wasn't until recently I heard another video of yours that said it was the taught beliefs about money that was keeping it from me. So thank you so, so much for this manifesting money video that really drove it all home for me, and thank you for giving me the tool to change those beliefs once and for all. I can't explain how much this means to me because having those old beliefs made me cautious about what I taught my daughter about money. But with this new concept about money, I am so confident that she will have an amazing concept of money in her life. After all money is only paper and it does grow on trees YAY, Because I said so!

Thank you, thank you Candace from the bottom of my heart... I did the exercise suggested, the old list is on the left, new list is on the right. I am about to burn the old list. Thank you once again.

~Natalie K.

Extremely thankful that the hours i spent on tik tok lead me to

Candace Charee

i have learned to effortlessly manifest and continue to do so the way you have broken down and simplified the information has been amazing and I'm thankful for you beautiful I see manifestation everyday Thankyou Thankyou and thankyou!

To add today’s meeting was beautiful very real and heartfelt truly love this group I'm just so grateful!!!!!

~Gaby L.

I just need to say a huge thanks for this amazing group and the amazing creator

Candace Charee

! I love seeing all the success and joy here. I hadn’t watched Self Concept videos yet for reasons. I’ll leave it at that but after almost watching all of them today im fully remembering who I am and what made me so powerful when I first started this journey. I realize the reason I first met my SP almost 3 years ago was because I was in this state of amazing self-concept and pure joy! Feelings of pure power and of separation between the mind of Kyle and the power above him. I'm in that state now and just so full of joy and bliss! Kyle gets everything he desires because I simply allow it. I've been counting up the things I manifested in the last month and it's up to 9! From something as awesome as a text from my sister to something as random as Pinecones. I did it! I'm so grateful to be back to true form and wouldn't have done it so soon without Candace and these amazing groups! Thank you so much!

~Kyle S. 

Ok I have to say Candace Charee you truly are a gift. Self concept is EVERYTHING and more.

I have been affirming for self concept and of course my SP but a lot more self concept. I’m at the point where I am not even bothered by the SP has much as I have completely shifted into the wish fulfilled. In the past theee days I have literally gotten all these male friend requests on my FB. I was like is FB glitching as I’ve never had this many before . And then just now I upload a snap story and my SP usually takes hours to view it (old story) as now he is literally obsessed ( another affirmation) so he needs to know what I’m doing . He viewed it within 3 minutes of it being uploaded. He is confirming every minute.

Then just now I get a random guy message and say ur just stunning and beautiful.

My SP is chasing me and pursuing me now because I said so. The power in this group WOW.


So Candace mediation of recreating ur person is amazing, I did it tonight as my SP was slipping back to his old ways. Not even 20 mins, he messaged me and was how I recreated him to be. Amazing! I got this. Thank you Candace for believing in me!

~W. M

As you can see I have a lot of reviews/testimonials but I have hundreds in my Facebook groups. Join the groups to see them for yourself and read all the amazing reviews. Thank you for being here! 

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