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The BEST meditation I have ever created!! This one will blow your mind and you will see immediate changes in your reality! This is for women and men to use!


This meditation is based on an old method used by a hypnotist who healed his clients using the phrase "every day and in every way I am getting better and better." He had them do it 20 times a day.


I have taken that phrase and so many other affirmations I created with the same opening line of "every day and in every way", and added this to this brilliant meditation! Each affirmation is repeated 5 times since we are deep in the subconscious, there is no need to repeat it 20 times.


This meditation is designed to give you the BEST and healthiest self-concept imaginable!! It will dramatically improve your self-concept from just one listen! This is not a meditation you want to skip!!!


Get it today while it's on sale! You won't regret it!!



*All sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges. This is a digital product

Sexy Self-Concept Meditation 24 HOUR SALE

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$74.99Sale Price
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