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Folks, seriously, do NOT stop reading until you’re totally finished. This is gonna change the absolute heck out of your life!!!!


SO… do your affirmations for 45 minutes in the morning, after lunch, during dinner, on the toilet, on vacation, wherever! You assume the best of everyone and every situation after getting into meditation, and you have learned to master journaling and taking inventory of self.


However, you might be doing all of these things from a state of LACK! You're stuck in lack and it sucks! Right?


Listen, and remember this my loves!

When we haven’t solidified gratitude as our base for manifesting, two things will happen:

1.    What we manifest will be temporary.

2.    It will ALWAYS seem to be hit or miss.

But that’s not what we want. We want to count on what we manifest to be healthy and lasting!

This new package we put together does just that, and the habits become permanent with your awesome effort!


So seriously if you do not get this package and recognize that you are worth ZILLIONS and TRILLIONS and MANIFESTILLIONS more than the cost of this bundle, I’m gonna tell the universe on you and it’s gonna get you so grounded so badly and it’s gonna put you in time out for the rest of forever…K have fun, buy lots of products!!! LOL 



What's included:

1. A 7 min guided meditation that will put you into zen mode almost instantly! 

2. A 30-day gratitude journal written and designed to make you laugh, manifest and have fun all at the same time!

3. 20 of the best gratitude affirmations that we created custom for this package.

4. A beautiful gratitude exercise to use after you've completed the program

5. A gorgeous certificate of completion that you fill out and print for you to display. 


This is a $300 package offered now at only $149!!! Get it today for our early bird special! 


Testimonial from one of our beta testers. 

"This package is truly remarkable! It is so well put together! The 30 days of gratitude journal was so funny and enlightening at the same time! I loved doing all the exercises! The best part is after just a week of doing this, I manifested my boyfriend to transform into a completely new version of himself! He is seriously changed!! I am being spoiled daily and he is always making me a priority unlike before!! I can hardly believe it!! I also got a huge bonus check at work!! They told me previously my bonus was going to be a lot lower, but it wasn't! I didn't bother asking why! lol! 

Thank you, Candace, for your amazing products! This one Is my fav product you've released yet!

- Jessica A.  


These are all digital files that you can print. All sales are final, with no refunds or exchanges. 

It will be emailed in a zip file that you will have to download to your device. It might be best to download it to a computer/laptop first then your phone. But it should still work on a phone too. 

Next-Level Manifesting SALE!

$300.00 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price
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