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This is my CUSTOM version of the Recreate Someone meditation. I will create a meditation designed specifically for you to help recreate yourself or someone else.


This is a one-of-a-kind meditation that will help recreate someone in your life. It can be used on ANYONE you wish to see differently, or even yourself.


I will walk you through a visualization exercise where we draw out the person on paper and, next to the body parts, write out the traits and attributes you want them to have. 


We have the power to change others based on our assumptions of them. When you change your assumptions about them, you can see rapid changes in their behavior towards you.


This meditation will take you through the visualizing process of changing someone/seeing them differently. 


After ordering, I will need you to email me your new desired assumptions for their body parts, including:


1. Feet


2. Legs


3. Core


4. Heart


5. Arms


6. Mouth (what you want them to say)


7. Ears (what you want to hear)


8. Eyes (what you want to see)


9. Mind 


Please allow 7 full business days to be emailed your meditation, and feel free to email me any questions if you’re confused. I’ll record as soon as I have everything I need.


Visit my facebook group and under topics, click on recreate someone so you can see a video on how to come up with the new parts of their body. 


Take advantage of this custom meditation to begin your journey to effortlessly reprogramming your mind.

CUSTOM Recreate Someone Meditation

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