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Using the Law Of Assumption to Manifest Wonderful Relationships



You're always late!!

You always fart right when I sit down on the couch...

You never consider my feelings...

You're so immature...

All you ever do is sit around and never help around here...

You are here, but you aren't here with us, you never are because you're selfish...







And this is EXACTLY how to keep on bringing this behavior out in your partner. That's right my loves! You just very well might be the one influencing the behavior by your assumptions.

Oh this is familiar...And I know you all agree with me on this that this is the way we have spoken to our partners in the past, or it is the current song and dance in the relationship. If so, the first thing I want to do is say, NO MORE, in case you haven't noticed!

About 99.9999999999999999999999% of people assume the state or character of their partners as what they have already seen as a pattern before, according to a study from the University of EFFORTLESS MANIFESTING by Candace Charee!!!! HAHA, that's right!! And it makes sense to a degree. I mean how often do you find yourself assuming (or assumed from a previous relationship) the same thing about your partner over and over again?

"They'll never change...This is what he/she always does whenever I want to have a conversation...They never listen to me...Why even bother cleaning this if they are just gonna mess it up in two seconds...Oh I don't expect them to listen or try to understand me I have tried for years and I just gave up..."

HMMM. And we are still expecting different results deep down inside, why?? Let me tell you why. You still haven't taken responsibility for your own assumptions towards your 3d believe it or not! Every time you repeat those negative assumptions about your partner, you affirm that truth deeper and deeper and that's why you eventually come to the false conclusion that "They'll Never Change" because you deeply embedded it this way!

Sure, you see the behavior and the first thought is "here we go again" right? Because you expect it, so they display it for you, and you didn't even have to lift a finger to see it in action, but the truth goes both ways believe it or not! The Law of Assumption, first off, is not the same as the Law of Attraction...

The Law of Attraction teaches us that the universe is responsible for all of the things we see. It says that if its meant for you it will happen, that the universe controls everything.

This makes life so much harder and it keeps us in a victim mentality.

The Law of Assumption, puts all the responsibility on self. We are the ones in charge of our destiny. We are also the cause of all the things we like or don't like in our reality. Through our unconscious or conscious beliefs, usually shaped from our trauma or beliefs growing up.

Instead of trying to attract things into your world from a state of lack, resentment, emotional fatigue, hurt, anger and so many other limiting states, you you can learn right here how to completely change this mind-set through a few methods that work super fast, effective, and effortless!! Manifesting must happen from states of gratitude as the base emotion, no two ways about my loves!!!

Let me show you my process to ASSUMING your partner differently in order for the ATTRACTION part to actually take place and you can finally manifest all the treasures of the universe you desire...

  • Attracting the right way - It's no secret that you are likely attracting all the undesired things into your life by manifesting from your limiting beliefs. So the solution? We teach you to manifest by healing trauma and diving deep into the state of gratitude needed to attract love, abundance, wealth, joy, and all the other things you have been longing for that you deserve NOW!

  • Very specific meditation - We aren't sitting in a circle with our legs crossed floating 6 feet above the ground. We are putting attention and intention towards provoking a thought and a feeling that needs to become a habit, and it is fast and easy! What we bring focus on every day is what we bring in. We will teach you how to completely change direction of your thought process and bring you into a state of GENUINE gratitude without having to repeat a mantra over and over until your brain gets so sick of it that it actually

  • Affirmations for YOUR specific situation - Generic affirmations just aren't working my wonderful people!! They are a nice gesture, or they have good intent behind them, but by themselves and without a customized direction, they are pretty much useless. When we create the affirmations you need based on the opposite toxic and unhealthy rules or principles you were raised with that led you to where you are in your life, you can finally begin to believe the words which you speak. The believing is the key and slap me twice if the little bundle we are about to offer you doesn't blow these beliefs right out of the water!

  • The Practice of Genuine Gratitude - Ahhhh my super favorite!!!! That's what I call my husband too actually :D ...... Yes, GENUINE gratitude! Not "Fine whatever I'll do this dumb thing because you told me too .He's a great guy, he means well, and I like the way he dresses, and he does the lawn ok thanks..." when deep inside it sounds more like "God, I just wanna light his clothes on fire and slap him until he does the dishes already it's been 6 months since those dishes have been washed, and why can't he just be like Ted and..." .........Seriously??? Where's the actual gratitude in that?? It isn't just the words, It's the meaning and inspiration behind the words that shifts energy from lack to abundance. There is a way to learn how to show perfect gratitude for the ideal relationship of you desire, past, current, or future!!

Now let me bring something to your attention, and take this seriously...It's not a good idea to go at it alone, especially when you are trying to shift from a negative to a positive state. This is a huge change people. With a change of that magnitude, you need guidance from someone who has been there and dedicated years building a system that works, and lasts forever! So I created the perfect package to begin with that will completely unravel all the traumas, heal all the emotional wounds, and bring constant abundance of love, wealth, peace and joy.....Like buffet style!!!! Get it below!

When you have purchased and completed this package, you are officially ready for the start of the completely unfiltered life you had always dreamed of. Do not believe what your 3d is showing you or what it tells you about what you can and cannot have. Your circumstances are not the problem, and they never will be. I know it feels impossible to break away from what we see as having so much weight on our decision making, but it simply is not the truth. As we think, then we feel, then we choose and then we act. Therefore, what we think and feel should only ever match up with our true deepest desires.

If you truly want a transformational makeover from the life you currently have to the life of your dreams, then it's time to do some deep diving, and join my Effortless Goddess program. With this program, you will learn all the skills it takes to become her! Enjoy a lifelong lasting experience of excellent relationships, long-deserved romance, constant perfect health, constant wealth, and all the joy you can fit into a day with room to spare! Trauma no longer leads, anxiety no longer phases you, worry and depression have no hold on you whatsoever, and every decision you make feels crystal clear!

Are you ready to truly heal and be the woman you are meant to be!


She DOES NOT chase.

She DOES NOT manipulate.

She DOES NOT over-give.

She DOES NOT pursue!


She HEALS her trauma.

She CHANGES her self-concept into an EFFORTLESS GODDESS!

Want to learn how?

If you’re ready to heal, manifest your ideal life and start living like a goddess, then let’s chat! If you’re a woman, 24 or older, have a stable career or business then send us DM on Instagram to see if you qualify for our elite goddess program.

With love and light, be well, and live effortlessly!

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