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Manifest literally ANYTHING by living in the end (Manifesting, living in the end, how to manifest)

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

WHAT??? no....

You're gonna sit there and tell me all I have to do is lie to myself and pretend like I have all the things I want when I know none of it is real?

So all I have to do is be like "Oh yeah, my ex never broke up with me and he's actually in my bathroom right now blowing up the toilet while shaving at the same time like he always does" and suddenly he'll/she'll just appear out of my linen closet?

Well..........Kinda yeah!! I mean not the linen closet part.....That kind of manifesting doesn't happen until you join my goddess program!!! Haha, but all joking aside, there is a lot of truth to that example above. Let me break it down real quick...

Here are our 3 focal points...Manifesting, living in the end, and how to manifest..

Living, in the end, is not lying to yourself even in the slightest! When I teach people all about living in the end, there is at least 6 trillion tons of resistance towards this because they are all hyper-focused on one thing making it SSUUPPEERR impossible to bring the end result to them........Ready for it??????? Well, I am not telling you unless you promise to keep an open mind about it......

An image on open-mindedness

And now that I can see that you have an open mind because I created that end result for you literally just now and you're still reading, here's your answer.....You are way too focused on HOW all of this is supposed to happen, and you aren't embodying the joy and success that comes from having all the desired outcomes you can feast your soul on!!. This leads me to step one in this journey for you and that is STOP IT ALREADY!!

The HOW doesn't matter because you DO NOT need to know how to have all your desires through attracting, not chasing...The possibilities are quite literally infinite as far as what the journey or events will look like so what makes you think you can manage this? I mean my SP can't even manage to keep his dinner on his plate before taking a bite...This is why we leave the journey to the universe to energetically realign events to our favor, while we focus on living in the end that we want in our life.

It's a little bit of a learning process, but way, way easier than chasing and the skills become second nature without feeling like you are ever putting much effort behind it...Believe me, I almost felt guilty learning how easy it was to have all which I desired without having to donate half my soul just to have it, but not for long!!

YES!!! you can have your cake and eat it too, and I know just how to make that happen!

Have your cake and eat it too with humor

Did you know that our vast and infinitely brilliant and creative universe already knows how to do the realigning of events for you? And also that 99.9999999999% of the time you are only trying to manipulate your 3D to get what you want because of a trauma response? It's the truth my loves, plain and simple!

Trying to manipulate the 3D to chase the end result is as effective as racing a Corvette on a half-charged electric scooter your 15-year-old is too embarrassed to use anymore.....You just won't catch up no matter how hard you try, but because both of you are on a road going one direction, you decide to stay in the race either because your ego is telling you not to quit because you already started, or because your ego is just playing cruel tricks on you...

Scooter vs. race car

Either way, controlling the HOW never usually ends well. You will always have to work hard to chase your desires and it is all trauma induced. I have a secret for attracting things to you with minimal effort because the "work hard will get you what you want" mentality is ineffective and requires your eternal attention and effort which we all only have so much of.

Hey, I can totally admit to falling into this pattern as well. I would chase George all over the freaking place when we were apart thinking that if I could only use this tactic, or force my 3D to work for me by etching love notes in the side of his car...Hopefully, no one is faking being pregnant or their own death for the attention, I really really don't recommend this : ) ... But if so, no judgment here, because chasing is chasing, no matter what color you slap on it...

If you're having a tough time with this, here is the perfect meditation I created to help get you started on a new course of thought to transform the anxieties and obsessions we may be facing and create more peace, acceptance, and self-love you are super needing my loves...

Well, anyway, to my NOT surprise, chasing my SP didn't work...All that happened was that I pushed him away further and further until it felt impossible to attract him into my life again. This is actually quite amazing let me tell you. When my SP and I were apart, he was dating someone. Every bone in my body told me to melt her in a volcano and to slap some sense into my SPs noggin...Either with a cast iron wok or sledge hammer, I hadn't decided which one to use at that point in my mind, but the real point is I had to mentally change course in my imagination by reprogramming my subconscious mind and realizing the truth...and the truth is that our 3D absolutely has ZZZEEERRROOO influence on our circumstances.

The only reason the 3D will always have a leg up on you is when you say things like "I never get what I want in life...My SP is too in love with his/her current relationship...I'm too tall and I have this gross rash on my butt no one else will accept about me but my SP yadda yadda yadda..........That's right. If you ALLOW it to be true it absolutely will be, and the only reason these untrue truths you made up happen so seemingly fast is that you've had a lot of practice in your life convincing yourself that those limiting beliefs you've learned early on are now your truth and it feels safe because it's familiar......Sound familiar?!?!?!

The key takeaway here is to attract things to you by already having it in your subconscious that it is done. The subconscious ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT distinguish the difference between what is true from the 3D or what is true from imagination...It only believes and shapes everything in your life based solely on what you feed it every day, every hour, every year... Feel it, embody it, and know that you are the goddess that attracts all that she desires into her reality.


Are you ready to manifest all which you desire??

Are you willing to keep an open mind about what your role really is in being a powerful, effective, and successful manifestor?

Do you believe you deserve to attract all the things into your life you have always wanted where others held you back by infecting your subconscious with limiting beliefs like "That will never happen...Be realistic...Get your head out of the clouds...Money doesn't grow on trees...Relationships will just drain you and bring you down into the mud, it ain't worth it....???

And lastly, are you tired of those limiting beliefs and are you willing to admit that they are only true because you allowed them to be?

Then here is what happens next if you have answered yes to all the above... If you are a woman aged 26 or older, have a stable career or business, and know it's time to make massive change, then let's have a chat!

I want to give you access to our exclusive minicourse all about healing your trauma and how to work with my husband and me in the Effortless Goddess Program. Send us a DM on Instagram and let's see if this program is right for you. If you don't have IG, send us an email at

To help you live in the end, you NEED this meditation. The sexy self-concept will take you from crying every day to feeling like the most powerful woman or man on the planet! Trust me it's amazing! You can also see tons of testimonials about this one on the site!

Talk soon, Goddess!

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