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Circumstances Don't Matter

How do I change my circumstances? Can I change my circumstances? Why is it that Circumstances Don't Matter?

Well, I can't buy this car because I am broke and my boss just told us all they are cutting wages across the universe...and all sorts of...

I try having stable relationships, but my parents never bought me that pony I always wanted and now I have trust issues...I mean c'mon, I stopped asking for that gift like,.,.3 years ago now and I know I'm 47 already, but it's just....

I can't have him anymore...He is already married and lives in Hawaii in a mansion and a yacht and I still live with my grandparents and all I have to my name is a chinchilla. . .

It's because of this...

There are not enough of these...

He's not this or that enough...

Stopping your current thought process

I know much of this is sounding familiar friends, and there are good reasons why circumstances really don't matter when it comes to manifesting all of your desires in life. I used to believe that my 3d was appearing the way it did to tell me I needed to take ACTION and CHASE in order to solve it. I was dead wrong!! Once I came to the realization that I could change my 3d to the world I desired through the process of "living in the end" (and it's a process, but one worth pursuing), things started becoming seamless, simple, and effortless, and here's why...

Your 3D is an illusion in most cases. For example...20 people in the room are all told at the same time that there's a tidal wave coming this way, 3 miles tall and 3 miles angry! Now...what is the reaction every person in that room is going to experience????


Still buffering...

And the answer?????? Who really knows?!?! Bob over there in the corner might jump out the window with the window still closed and Sarah might start praying to all sorts of things, and Joe might bust out his cigar, light up in a nonsmoking area not giving a crap he's gonna get a ticket because...well...tidal wave..., and Martha might strategize how to find and call the fastest Uber vehicle in existence to take her to her private helicopter landing and fly her to Saturn as quickly as possible, but Jack in the front of the room thinks he has a bucket large enough to capture the water that's about to hit, and so on...

What would you do if you knew a tidal wave was coming??

This is the truth folks!! If we all were truly enslaved by our circumstances and the 3D, we would all have the same reactions to every scenario equally because that would mean we are actually enslaved by something greater than us...And this is so not the truth because there is not a single circumstance that is greater than our ability to handle it. We are all born with sovereignty, and no rule, law, or governing body can limit this, no matter how good the illusion is.

We are all free to think, feel, speak, and do as we see for us in each and every moment, so why not do the things we are innately capable of doing, to begin with towards the things we desire? Why are we not loving ourselves the way we should be? Probably because we still believe that whatever we see, hear, feel, taste, and smell is the only thing that is "true" or real. But it is all true, isn't it????

The Office, Dwight Scrute, False

Listen to Dwight here because he speaks the truth!! Aside from the fact that he said false, he still speaks the truth :D

When we take ourselves into a place of truth (this is to say our choice to focus on something), we are not only showing ourselves self-love, but we are finally allowing ourselves to believe in a truth that actually serves us, not just a false self-concept we have been made to believe through repetition and negative influence.

There is a way to teach the subconscious mind how to bring healthy and positive energy into your own field of energy. Once we have done this, the universe is now able to work FOR you, not AGAINST you. It begins to align events in your life to get you to where you desire to be, but like everything, there is a method. The first step is to purge the mental garbage that's been building up for decades, and make room for the subconscious treats that are coming your way, and let's start with this...

Then when you finish this one, wrap it up with this one and watch the changes happen nearly instantly before your very eyes!!.... Believe me, this really works...

When I made this shift in myself and applied what I needed to, this is when things began to align the way I desired for my own life, and for it to stay that way! Everything started becoming incredibly possible and I no longer had limiting beliefs to shed because I found out HOW I can attract everything I wanted in my life without having to push so hard to get it.

There is only one reason you think circumstances matter, and this is because you allow them to. Think about it...You're supposed to have a talk about a promotion at work, but you notice your boss having a crappy day. You start thinking "Oh no, just my luck. I am supposed to talk to him about my new promotion, and he is super agitated and now I am never gonna get that promotion and it's over, never happening, I'm doomed, and..."

Well, no wonder you didn't end up getting it you sabotaged the frick out of ourself without even knowing it!!!! You thought it was because your boss was agitated and in a bad mood and already made up his/her mind about crushing your wonderful dreams. Really, it's about what you allowed to become infiltrated by your own traumas and experiences. This is bringing the past into the present and it serves NOTHING when approached like this other than self-sabotage.

Here is a different approach. "I know my boss is agitated, and I see clearly something is bothersome at the moment for him/her. I also know my feelings toward this have nothing to do with what is going to happen in our upcoming conversation. The talk today is about why I deserve the promotion, and therefore, my boss's experience right now has nothing to do with my future. I am in control of the meeting, and I know I am the best candidate for this job...Now go get it!". This is a killer mindset for setting yourself up for the success you are about to achieve....No no stop right there, this thinking does work very well, but the mental blocks have to be removed for it to take effect, and working with me WILL get you there!

michael getting a promotion in The Office
Get set up to succeed, not to fail

Of all the senses we have as lovely humans, our eyes are the ones that play the worst of the worst tricks on us...Man do they really get the best of us at times!!

Luckily there are ways around this, and let's go through the truths about what your circumstances really are and aren't.


First off, circumstances are all outside of you and have nothing to do with you. You didn't cause them, it isn't karma because sorry to tell you this, but karma ain't a thing, and you certainly can't control them outside yourself because it's in our 3D. What you do have control over is you, and in return, the 3D shapes to the new conformed self-concept you develop through my program, making all your desires manifest.

Next, there is no rule that says you have to conform to the 3D. You do not have to conform to the 3D whatsoever. In fact, you're probably better off not conforming to it at any level. It's our human nature to react as a mechanism of adaptation, but it is the nature of the spirit to stay within and change self in order for the rest of the world to change around us.

Lastly, the 3D should have very little to almost no involvement in our decision-making. Don't make decisions based on what the 3D has presented. Make decisions that align with your internal desire to cause the 3D work in your favor.

It all sounds simple because it is simple...That doesn't mean it's going to be perfectly cake for you to figure it out all on your own though take it from me. It took me several years to learn and understand the concepts to put together a structured program that WILL lead you into the successful life of your dreams so you can start seeing results in just weeks or even days my loves!!

The grand conclusion

You exist to give life to your desires and bring them forth. To see yourself with love and everything around you with love to ATTRACT your desires, not CHASE them! Circumstances Don't Matter!

Your external circumstances are ALL past manifestations. Whether it’s wanted or not, what you are experiencing today is a prior manifestation. At some point or another, it was visualized and affirmed, and so it has been sculpted into your reality.

But I’m here today to remind you that circumstances don’t matter. Everything that happens in your life has a very short life span. Any reality is “dead” because it has manifested and is done. There is only the present. What is, IS.

Do you resign yourself to your circumstances? Do you let your feelings and thoughts be affected by your external situation?

It’s time to stop living as creatures of circumstance. It’s time to take back your potential.

Before I learned about Neville Goddard, there was a point in my life where I was in a rut. I felt like I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. I was overwhelmed and saddened by what was happening in my external world.

My love life was on the fritz. My kids never behaved. My limiting beliefs cut into me every second of the day. And it felt difficult to just keep my head above water.

I was full-on playing the role of a victim. Don’t we all do that sometimes?

But over time, as I learned and grew, I started to become aware of this. I came to learn that circumstances don’t actually matter. In fact, they don’t even exist.

I finally began to climb out of the deep rut I fell into. I felt inspired to change and felt confident that I could.

Let me tell you how I did it.

Circumstances don’t exist because they are a self-concept we create ourselves, through our thoughts, assumptions, and beliefs.

Any external situation is only “bad” because we make it out to be. This is how we chose to perceive it. But, we can change the story and turn that around.

If there’s something happening in your life that’s not serving you, you have two choices: change your perception or manifest a new situation.

You can change your perception of what’s happening in your life, and see it from a new and positive light. Because your beliefs and assumptions create your reality.

On the other hand, it’s totally doable to manifest a new reality, which is what I did. By visualizing a new situation and living as if it has already happened, you’ll see circumstances around you change very fast.

So, if you’re a woman, 26 or older, steady job or career, and you’re ready to radically transform your life, heal trauma and manifest literally all your dreams, send me a DM on Instagram (click here) to talk about how to qualify for my elite Goddess program.

Comment “Circumstances don’t matter” if you believe that you control your reality!

Message me today to schedule a private session. I’ll teach you exactly how to change your reality and assumptions. And I know it works because it did for me and so many of my clients!

Doesn’t it feel great to know that you can change anything you want in your life?

Neville Goddard, Beautiful Quote

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