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I'm Candace Charee'

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If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re in the same place I was years ago:


  • Overwhelmed by my past pain and trauma

  • Bouncing from relationship to relationship, with no idea how to keep love

  • Living paycheck to paycheck 

  • Confused, exhausted, and uncertain of how to make my biggest dreams a reality

  • Anxious and depressed


If you resonate with any of this, you’re probably feeling trapped in your current life situation. I know I did. And I had no idea how to get out.


Today, I’m a clinically trained and certified trauma healing expert, empowering people all around the world to live their best lives, connect with their inner creator, and shed their limiting beliefs. But back then, I was a singer who toured the country.


Yep, you heard me. A singer.


So how did I go from singer to the trauma healing expert and coach you see today? Let’s rewind for a moment.


When I was 18 years old, I moved to Nashville to pursue my dream of singing country music. It had been my passion my entire life. In fact, my mother named me Candace Charee’ knowing I would be a singer… she helped create that reality for me!


From 2009-2011, I toured the country performing and singing original music I had written, inspired by the Twilight movies. For years, I bounced from performance to performance, where thousands of people would hear me sing, even growing rich friendships with some of the actors in the movies! 


After my tour, I became involved in film and television as a producer and writer, going on to create several original projects. Today, I have my own show on Amazon Prime that I wrote and produced with my business partner. This is a comedy/drama story about our real life and how we navigated the film industry. Hopefully, it’ll be developed into a full series in the near future!


Unfortunately during this time, I was trapped in an abusive marriage. I was in this very abusive marriage for almost 5 years. 


I was finally able to leave this relationship and get help. I had to rebuild my life from the ground up. I had 3 young children, a baby still nursing, and zero money in my bank account. I had to start over from scratch. This was incredibly scary but thankfully I was always taught to never give up and not take no for an answer.


I threw myself into healing and learning all I could about mindset and becoming my best self.


I met George.

We had many ups and downs.

I finally healed my trauma and attracted marriage with him.

My business flourished.

And my money problems vanished.


My life had transformed, right before my eyes.


I had always been the person my friends came to when they needed advice. I’m a natural teacher and seemed to just fall into it. So, it’s only natural that teaching other people how to heal their trauma and live their best lives would be my calling. 


Since starting my company years ago, I’ve had the privilege of working with thousands of people to help them heal their past and live their best life. 


It became my mission to change lives, transform pain into bliss, and help my clients become the people who have it all. 


Because if I can do it, you certainly can too. 

Are you looking to make a real change? Are you ready to create a life of passion? Create your best life with my help... 

Why I Can Help You

Creator of Neurocognitive Reprogramming

After years of studying trauma, I created a new method called Neurocognitive Reprogramming. Through this, I can help you to reprogram your negative beliefs and assumptions to rid you of your pain and trauma. I am also clinically trained and certified in trauma healing.

Thousands of happy customers
around the world.

Since becoming a trauma healing coach, I’ve worked with THOUSANDS of students around the world to begin their journey towards wholeness and achieve anything they desire. Head over to my testimonials page Click here to read countless transformational stories from my students.

Rapid results orientated approach

I spent years studying the methods you need to create your dream life so you don’t have to. With a private coach, you’ll be able to expedite the healing process and learn everything you need to know on a whole new level. Not to mention you’ll have a supportive and knowledgeable person by your side every step of the way. When you work with me, you’ll be certain that you’ll see results.

Click here to book a session!

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